The greatest feeling in the world is to be absolutely free and totally unfettered. This freedom allows me to travel to places that do not otherwise exist. The dichotomy is that they actually do exist inside my head and so they are completely real! I like to begin with the sensible phenomenon, i.e. representation. It gives me a springboard which I then use to leap off and dive headlong into my private pools of vivid color and unabashed strokes. Once again, it is the beginning of a private performance where I revel in the dramatic process of the picture’s development; of its growth culminating into completeness that was only provisional, subject to a continual motion of formation/disintegration. For me, the canvas becomes charged with physical, mental, emotional energy – a place saturated with the quivering energy of material strokes of color.

“l have attempted to express the terrible passions of man with that red and that green.”
(Vincent Van Gogh)

I like to keep faith with a painting based on a mesh of semiotically rendered imagery, like a sort of script existing on the periphery of the comprehensible, owning it all, infusing the canvas with a liquidity and coloring of a myriad transparencies to create infinite realities. My work, for me is an inseparable whole of body and mind, existence and thought related to the unconscious and reason. Therefore, it is important for me to express my frustrations and anger, my joys and sadnesses, my acceptance and rejection and so much more if I am to feel alive! I do so enjoy the diversity and multidimensionality of my artworks and the effect it has on people. From conceptual/abstract landscapes, to portraits of real people, to intricate, realistic drawings of sensitively rendered faces and trees in pen and pencil, I enjoy it all and have not allowed any critic to draw any lines of demarcation for me. I believe I can do it all and so I do! What matters to me is the poetic shock — colors that are not necessarily descriptive but ranging from the symbolic to the evocative and therefore conceived and perceived as autonomous values and not blatant attributes of the image.

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