In this curated exploration of dark humor, Ejaz Art Gallery invites you to traverse the enigmatic landscape where laughter meets the shadows. Dark humor, often a mirror reflecting the complexities of the human experience, is the uncharted territory where artists fearlessly tread. The exhibition unearths the multifaceted nature of memory, identity, and emotion through the lens of satire, irony, and the unexpected. Each artist contributes a unique voice to the collective narrative, weaving tales that navigate the delicate balance between the comical and the profound. As you navigate these thought-provoking works, expect the unexpected. This show, in its various forms, invites us to confront discomfort, question preconceptions, and find solace in the shared absurdities of the human condition. We invite you to immerse yourself in this intricate dance between light and shadow, where laughter resonates in the most unexpected corners of life.

Artist(s) Featured

Ali Murtaza, Beygum Bano, Bilal Bin Abid, Malika Batool, Zaid Baloch, Zara Maryam Khan and Zoha Zafar Malik




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