“Serendipity” is a collection that brings together a group of talented artists from various identities and perspectives, showcasing the power of art that transcends boundaries to connect us all.

At the heart of this exhibition lies a celebration of diversity, not just in terms of gender, and age, but also in the diverse range of artistic mediums, styles, and inspirations presented. From the vibrant brushstrokes of contemporary as well as traditional paintings to the intricately designed prints that seem to defy the aspects of idealism, each piece is a testament to the artists’ unique voices and their ability to convey profound emotions and stories.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the visionary artists whose work graces this exhibition, as well as to the audiences whose presence would contribute to complete the circle of creativity.

Together, we embrace the limitless possibilities that arise when diverse artistic voices join together to create a harmonious symphony of expression.

Artist(s) Featured

Ahsan Jamal, Amarah Sikandar, Atif Khan, Beygum Bano, Bilal Rajput, Fizza Aslam, Hamza Bin Faisal, Munibah Nooresehr, Noman Siddiqui, Raheela Abro, Sobia Ahmed, Zahrah Azhar




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