A celebration of sixteen Pakistani and Pakistani diaspora artists and projects exploring the world of NFTs. The exhibition highlighted a combination of still and video-based fine art, concept art, profile picture (PFP) collectibles series and photography. As the first Pakistani NFT exhibition, curated by Saks Afridi in collaboration with NFTOAR and NFT Alter, NFT +92 paved the way for bridging the gap between the physical and metaphysical art world.

Artist(s) Featured

Amir Mirza, Atif, Ramish Safa, Abeer Kasiri x dfans NFT project, DMT labs x Rastah NFT project, Faisal Anwar, Fareeha (@tdcartofficial), Khumais Idrees, Maheen (@maheenisartistry), Nafay (@le-nafay), Musa Ijaz, Saks Afridi, Imad Awan, Anuosha (@artventurus), Omer Gul


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NFT +92 was a timely exhibition of a few minted works for only two days,