Life is an ultimate journey to self-discovery. The oxymoron nature of realities attracts the equally meritorious probable; skeptical and idealist. The sinisterly designed social realities push the sensitive ones to the boundless comfort of imagination. Mohsin Sheikh is a disposition of fantasy-prone personality (FPP). His artwork is the personification of the eventual outcome of imagination. The delight of tickling the moon and stars and reaching out for floating clouds is nothing less than a Soulful journey.

As much as I discover myself, I look at my past where I connected to life in simplest and most imaginative way, there is always something we forget about ourselves with the passage of time. I believe as we grow older, we lose the touch of imagination. I remember laying on grass with my mom, joining the stars and composing tales that would regale us, memories that empowers my creativity.

With sweet memories as my inspiration, the new series of Cosmic clouds and constellation, I have portrayed my mind map onto the canvases, including my previous genre i.e. “Nothing is true, Everything is permitted”, through various forms of my imagination. My constellations and expressions characterize my mind, memories, the moments I love or hate, expressions I admire or consider as lessons, small fragments of life.

The cosmic clouds and the deep-sea board carrying my imagination, I believe it’s necessary to be illogical at times in art. Art doesn’t need a scientific logic all the time, but imagination of the mind and the connection with soul, through which I’ve treated on my canvases.

Yet, life awaits with so much to realize in a very little time.

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