Haya Jadoon

Being a visual artist, I am a keen observer naturally. I paint using bright colours, mixing them and making new colours out of them while enjoying the process of colour-making and applying paint on canvas. I compose a form out of these colours, which translate into abstraction. Abstraction is not a style. I want to make a surface work, bringing life and motion to it.

Shamsul Arfeen Hashmi

Largely autobiographical, my paintings represent acute observations of the constant transformation. I try to break the concept of traditional landscape painting by playing with the compositions. Instead of making the whole landscape, I take one small part of it and compose it on large-scale canvases. Due to the affiliation with my native landscape and grasslands, the creative process is self-revealing and meditative for me.
My journey begins with feelings then thoughts, lines, and colours follow with subtle harmony between textures. The imagery between realism and abstraction fascinates me in my work. All the means are at my disposal to attain my purpose. I sand, splash, drip and scrub. The combination of painterly, conceptual and poetic maneuvering is what shapes my process. The sensual buildup of paint layer upon layer creates a sense of depth. I am interested in what we do not see when we try to focus on what we see.

Syed Yawar Abbas

Born in a small town named Parachinar in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan, I take inspiration by being surrounded by verdant landscapes which reflect my work. I paint what I see and feel; vibrant colours on the canvas are close to my heart.

Zaid Baloch

Zaid Baloch (b. 1993) from Hyderabad, Sindh; graduated with a BFA from the National College of Arts Lahore. His work is a deeper introspection into a world created at his whim, forming narratives grounded in dreamscapes. A disoriented realm is unbounded by laws of nature which constantly challenge the structure of how the order is formulated and disassembled.

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Haya Jadoon, Shamsul Arfeen Hashmi, Syed Yawar Abbas, Zaid Baloch




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