The artists in the show delve into a deeper investigation while exploring image making through their creative process. They inspire and recharge the creative batteries of the viewer.

Adnan Khan’s brilliantly detailed artworks with bright contrasting colors and pointillist style has captured the essence of his subject.

Aun Raza highlights fantasy intents through his vibrant color palette, creating an intimate bond of viewer’s souls.

Javaid Iqbal Mughal’s bright and intense yet muted and relaxed color palette draws our attention to the areas having the power to vibrate and pop out.

The quirky use of colors to create a bold and contrasting image with harmony and balance can be seen in Lariab Ahmed’s work.

Gul E Shazma’s use of sharp colors in her cityscapes is a way to ex- press an emotional response towards nature.

Hamza Qazi has created subtle compositions to depict the unusual experience of solitude and terror throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. His artworks are an excellent example of how light affects the color on his subject. The use of a vibrant blue against the black canvas is creating a
stunning counter balance.

He also showcases a digital derivation of one of his physical works (oil on linen) first and then a video in an NFT form. His idea was to experiment the dependency of visual upon medium.

Each individual’s thought process has materialized into an engaging visual imagery.

Artist(s) Featured

Adnan Khan, Aun Raza, Gul e Shazma, Hamza Qazi, Javaid Iqbal Mughal, Lariab Ahmad




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