In his artistic endeavors, Moin Rehman strives to construct his narrative using a blend of visual memory and imagination. In his works, his reliance on visual memory introduces a degree of loss in translation, resulting in the creation of stylized pseudo-historical monuments, somewhat familiar objects, and nearly recognizable places. The resulting landscapes take on a surreal quality, intentionally dissolving the boundaries between reality and fantasy. His art evokes a sense of familiarity and curiosity, inviting viewers to explore the intersections of the known and the unknown.

His current areas of interest and exploration encompass the examination of the evolutionary and devolutionary trajectories of societies, cultures, and traditions. He also delves into theological concepts, encompassing both theistic and atheistic perspectives, while remaining eager to discover new areas of interest.

In his artistic practice, he has experimented with a diverse range of mediums, including ballpoint pens, archival pens, graphite pencils, oil paints, and acrylic paints. However, his currently favored and frequently utilized medium is archival pen and acrylic paint.

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9 May

- 19 May, 2024