Keiany’s inspiration from Sufism and its poetic and artistic roots is apparent in his works, all done in oils on canvas. Keiany’s choice to paint the great Sufis and their themes, therefore, itself means that he has chosen to show them in a dream like past, with each image blending gently into the next within the same painting. The figures are like mental images, or thoughts and memories, faded away, yet strong at the same time, while the backgrounds are like dreamscapes. Bearded saint like figures are a continuous presence in his paintings, while surrounding them are others who are obviously revering them. It’s apparent that Keiany’s background of Iran’s most romantic city, Shiraz can be seen from his works. It is therefore no surprise that the man who has lived his life in the city of Shiraz, would be affected and deeply impacted with the art still alive in that city. From the beautiful, majestic and ancient Takht-i-Jamshyd’, to the most fabulous tile work, Keiany could not have escaped aesthetics while growing up in Iran.

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