About his own self Khusro Sabzwari says ?I am an engineer by profession but an artist at heart whereas the extraordinary gift of clairvoyance runs in my blood. With over thirty five years of painting and developing a niche market for his unique art internationally the self taught artist got noted for the first time in Pakistani art scene when his work was exhibited to fund the flood relief efforts in 2010Subzwari recreates the beauty of nature and of life in his breath-taking paintings, rendering a personal touch to his works. Deep vibrant colors pervade his canvas and infuse into each other to give a fascinating output. Although to an appreciating eye his paintings conjuring, Bahtay Rang are perceived to be colorful abstracts however according to the artist the message he wants to impart to humanity through his art is that global warming is playing havoc with our environment and immediate measures should be taken to prevent it. Khusro Subzwari is an impressive artist and he used his God-gifted talent of clairvoyance in his paintings. The visionary artist depicts the reality of his dreams onto the canvas hence his paintings portray the beauty of truth. Khusro says, When I throw colors on my canvas, shapes emerge in my mind and I maneuver my brush so that the colors can assume beautiful forms and shapes? Currently Sabzwari’s work is being displayed in States and his Europe; his upcoming exhibitions are scheduled in UAE and Bangladesh. His paintings mirror his creativity to the world of art. He uses simple subjects and vibrant tones to depict his unique point of view.

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