Khalid Saeed Butt is an artist whose paintings in the realm of miniature tradition continue to be extremely popular. His work may be interpreted as positive Romanticism in its commitment to the artist’s absolute right of expression, freely fusing traditional and contemporary artistic subtleties.

In 1974 he took an MFA from Punjab University and from 1979; he was Assistant Professor in the College of Art and Design, Punjab University. Until his retirement, he taught Miniature Painting and drawing.

The artist has participated in numerous National exhibitions and Provincial exhibitions and in 1981 and 1994 he was the recipient of National awards. His work has been exhibited in Singapore, China, and in London, to acclaim. Many of the artist’s paintings are included in private collections. A solo exhibition of the artist’s work titled: Ragniyan, took place at the ArtScene Gallery, Karachi, 2013.

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