My work has that intricacy which we see in the older school of miniature, greatly influenced by Mughal technique of painting and detail in the work. My work has been kept on varying to the time frame in which it has been produced. My thesis work is the socio-political comment on society, the root questions which are always there in our minds, class difference, hierarchies in our society, gender differences, and discriminations, how we judge the other person. Then the work has inclined more towards the political comment, the only thing most of our people care about when thinking about “position” is the prestige and glory that comes with having a status in life, and at large no one really cares about any responsibility or the need for constructive tasks that come with the position.

My art practice is not aimed to address any specific idea, event or theme. It’s constantly evolving like our lives. The only thing that is constant in my life is a Sketchbook in which I constantly draw and these drawings develop into more in-depth ideas and detailed images. Transformation of images/idea into visual expression. The technique that gives me pleasure is Gauche mixed with other mediums. My artwork has taken several courses. Initially it focused on addressing social, political and cultural issues of our times. But with time it has become more personalized.

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