The idea of power/force and the overcoming of technology has come a long way in contemporary times. Technology has not only affected nature and wildlife who has been the source of power used during wars but highly demolished the rich traditional practices of arts and crafts too. As an artist and maker, I feel that living in today’s time and seeking new ideas, we somehow get ourselves away from our cultural and traditional heritage. Visual is another aspect of seeing and perceiving an artwork whereas, skill has its importance. Coming towards own art practice and technique where rich patterns and motifs complementing the beauty of subject whereas visual somehow depicts the originality and inner self of an object. The art of going through a constant process and patience is challenging for me like how I make artwork and then how I will own the second one by forgetting the previous one by using the same material and technique. I believe that the sense of touch relies on the process and making of something with pure traditional art practices, where the before and after image gives you two different aspects of experiencing a new visual in a contemporary way.

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