I paint the glories of nature and the magnificence of God. I believe that there is nothing unnatural on this earth. Through my work, I need people to understand the simple fact that we all need to appreciate the beauty and harmony given to us by God. Beauty is not only in vibrant colors and pretty things like flowers, peacocks, and angelic creatures; it lies in the hands of man and his heart.

I have chosen architecture as my point of interest and I have shown the complexities as well as its simplicity side by side to complement each other. I usually choose minimum colors and work in their tones, so that the attention of the viewer does not divert from my objective. I choose to use earthy tones and the various shades of the night sky because to me they depict our soil. So whether it may stretch from the red fort in Agra to the glorious landscape in Jhelum to our very heart of the Mughal empire in Shahi Qila, Lahore there are no boundaries.

My choice of structures usually limits to famous buildings from the Mughal Empire, Shrines of famous Aulia, or even newer structures that show inspiration from the Mughal period. Seeing my work, the viewer undergoes a very serene and harmonious sense, due to its blissful equilibrium where time just stands still and one gets a moment to inhale the view and its tranquility.

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