Amna Waqas 2 / Oil on Canvas

Amna Waqas
Amna Waqas 2 / Oil on Canvas
40×24 in

The journey of visual imagery transformed from exemplifying the obstacles of one’s life, and the struggle to survive, by using sparrow as a symbolically. By adding a companion of sparrow in my paintings, I comment on the expectations and much sought after ‘happy life’ which, often remained missing. The sparrow symbolizes innocence and fragility therefore; I see a reflection of myself in it.
The clouds represent a never-ending space and resilience that life present to everyone as a play field. Though a companion shares your anguish and contributes to your endeavors, still there is a never vanishing loneliness and vacuum, that life fears and possesses. I, by using multi layers in clouds, share the ambiance that this forlorn journey has been through. At times, alone physically, and at times mentally, missing the soulmate, rather than a so-called life and its partner.

Amna was born in 1992 in Lahore. She done his MFA in fine arts (painting) form Punjab University college of Art and Design in 2019. She learned fresco painting in 2016 from National college of ART Lahore and leaned ceramic product design in 2015 from National college of ART Lahore. She also leaned drawing from GCU in 2013. She was a part of artist practice program in 2018 from PNCA. Amna started first exhibition in 2018 from Shakir Ali Museum, group show at Artcade.Pk in Islamabad, group show at Minhas art gallery in 2019. A Member of Artist Residency in Dubai 2019. She was in part of exhibition (Enhancing Boundaries) in 2016, exhibition (Take OFF) in 2018, exhibition (Current) in 2019, exhibition (Beyond the Threshold of time) in 2021 as young artist by Lahore Art Council.

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