51 Art Work by Ch. Zulqarnain (Gold Medalist) Mix Medium on Canvas

Ch. Zulqarnain (Gold Medalist)
Oil on Canvas Code 51
24×24 in
Code 51

(International Modern Islamic Calligrapher)

Calligraphy is always a divine inspiration for me and I use to practice it from very early days of my student life. I started Modern Islamic Calligraphy as professional in 1997. I always try to add new impressing in my work inspired by Quranic Verses. The Mashq done in the flow beautifies the canvas and create an illusion. Names of Allah Almighty and Quranic Verses give me such unexplained power, which forces me to create the variable fonts over with elegant silver and gold leafing. The negative spacing and calligraphic circles over the white and colourful background reflects classicism of my paintings.

The Government of Pakistan honoured me two times Gold Medal and National Awards.

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