50 Art Work by Zulfiqar Ali Oil on Canvas

Zulfiqar Ali
Oil on Canvas Code 50
24×24 in
Code 50

My name is Zulfiqar Ali, born in Habib Abad, a town of Tehsil Pattoki (Punjab- Pakistan). Recently I am serving at University of Lahore and working on traditional Islamic Calligraphy. Calligraphy is a form of meditation for me and I am practicing calligraphy since 4 decades. I have conducted several solo shows and participated in many group shows. My calligraphy work is permanent displayed in Kuwait Museum. I was also a part of International Islamic Conference at Iran where my calligraphy work was acknowledged. Many national and international awards are also included in my profile. There are many types of scripts practiced the world over for calligraphy paintings by me but the most preferable is khat-e-kufi. I usually focus on kufic script which was practiced much before Islam. With the advent of Islam, Muslim promoted this script and brought creativity into it. I write Quranic verses and words on canvas in modern style. My work currently is about creating atmospheres that reflect the words I write or simply creating an atmosphere.

My vintage style of creativity expresses my broad vision and artistic qualities. Calligraphy is a form of meditation for me. I develop my artwork through my home- made natural remedies. The major purpose of involving ornaments in my work is to enhance the visual sensory appeal and illuminate the basic consistency of the Islamic traditional calligraphy. There is a higher emphasis of the innovative use of transparent effect and symmetry, reinvigorating and combining them with my techniques in the context of calligraphy is a modified direction, and it is evident in most of my work.

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