47 Art Work by Zubair Mughal Mix Medium on Canvas

Zubair Mughal
Mix Medium on Canvas Code 47
24×24 in
Code 47

My journey in art of calligraphy consists of 12 exquisite years of hard work, devotion and dedication. I have gone through wonderful experiences and observations, and all were colorful. l Mr. Ijaz Yousaf is my mentor, who teaches me concept from color to canvas. Therefore my expression has a deep influence of his teachings. In my expression of calligraphy, each letter, composition, shows my love for art of calligraphy. My work is a true depiction for the art of calligraphy, haroof and composition. How deeply I sank in the world of haruf and how joyful I express them to canvas. And make sure that every single eye feels the joy of my heart.

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