38 Art Work by Shafqat Ali Awan Acrylic on Canvas

Shafqat Ali Awan
Acrylic on Canvas Code 38
24×24 in
Code 38

The utilization of Arabesque  as an integrative element of calligraphy, compared to its traditional employment. I define the traditional employment of Arabesque as either an occasional and partial use of its elements in a decorative framework that is formed out of the calligraphy space, or an integrated use in a full Deco-art format, unconnected to calligraphy, but standing by its own merit. In my own integrative approach, I believe only a  minimum use of selected motifs of arabesque is needed for a calligraphy piece to be functional and attuned.  These motifs involve intricate ornamental patterns of interlaced lines and forms. They can perfectly lend themselves to the structural subtlety of lines and space of the written words, adding grace and luster, and allowing for the use of color.  Colors of the backgrounds are mostly dark, specifically the traditional palette of blues and greens , while the foregrounds are mostly white or other light colors.  Bright colors are also selectively and carefully used.  All of these components are harmonized in a single integrative structure to present the artwork as one cohesive unit.

* I believe I use many more colors than what has been traditionally used. The major purpose of involving more colors is to enhance the visual sensory appeal and illuminate the basic consistency of the image. Moreover, along with the minimal use of arabesque, colors can boost the abstract forms of the epigraphically composed pieces, without forcing the stylistic design into becoming a mere decorative art.

* There is a higher emphasis of the innovative use of image repetition, symmetry, and interwoven effect. While these techniques are not new, reinvigorating and combining them with other methods and techniques in the context of calligraphy is a modified direction, and it is evident in most of my work.


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