32 Art Work by Muneeb Ali Acrylic on Canvas

Muneeb Ali
Acrylic on Canvas Code 32
24×24 in
Code 32

Whether within our own thoughts, spoken or written, letters have the powerful potential to trans- form the world we live in. They give expression to our lives, our souls, our deepest longings and strongest emotions. They can stir every kind of emotion inside us. They can take us on fantastical adventures or transport us to another place. They can build us up, or tear us down. They can mend a broken heart or they can be source of the damage in the first place.

The power of letters is hard to comprehend, and impossible to resist. For even one word made out of these letters can make all the difference in the world, and bring happiness or sadness depend- ing on what it is. Such is their power. Letters are an expression. Just like art is. And these two are like forces of nature – embodiments of our emotion, our creative thought; our very ideas. “Huroof”is an attempt to combine the brimming energy of these two elements. It is an endeavor to create something new and beautiful out of them – a fusion of the sagacious wisdom behind text and the maddening passion of art.

A letter can be as simple as I and as complicated as it. And strokes of vibrant colors or simply the shades of grey that etch this word from a pencil lend greater meaning to it. This is the idea behind “Huroof”. To capture the beauty created by the embrace of art with letters and to preserve it in a canvas that lasts.

This union is made possible by merging the ancient knowledge of Islamic calligraphy with the unorthodox innovations of today, so that every new combination astounds and amazes everyone from the casual viewer to the keen observer.“Huroof” makes use of all forms of paints and pencils, but the medium is not as important as the message itself. For out of even the most ordinary color, rises something remarkably extraordinary. And so, every canvas, every illustration is a masterpiece which holds a different meaning for anyone who is drawn to its mystique and everyone who gazes into its depth.

Enter a world of words and art, and let its vibrant colors cast their spell upon you!


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