27 Art Work by Muhammad Arif Oil on Canvas

Muhammad Arif
Oil on Canvas Code 27
With Frame 24×24 in
Code 27

I prefer to express my feelings through colors rather than words because I believe that luckily a calligrapher is blessed to be able to transfer his true feelings to the canvas.  My calligraphy work is a constant search for the best way to express ideas. The artwork I create is simultaneously an extension of the past, a reflection of the steps I’ve taken and what I’ve learned, as well as a preview of the future. Although I am skilled at writing many traditional scripts, I love writing in Khat e  Thuluth which is very close to my heart and mind.I make my calligraphic paintings keeping in mind the meanings of the verses. In my opinion, by creating self-expression and strength with dynamic colors and perspective scripts in calligraphy painting, if a viewer stops even for a moment to look at and feel my calligraphy painting, I feel pride in myself as a successful artist.   Spiritual awakenings and inspirations drive me to create my art work in all ways, then I always enjoy playing with words and colors.


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