21 Art Work by Mian Athar Acrylic on Canvas

Mian Athar
Acrylic on Canvas Code 21
With Frame 24×24 in
Code 21

As an artist, I have a great passion in calligraphy since childhood. I graduated and received my Masters degree in Painting from College of Art and Design Punjab University (PUCAD) Lahore. I construct new modes of expression based on Arabic and Pakistani letters i.e. Tulthand Nastalique, to first arrange and then create a style that is extremely modern and westernized. Basically, Classical and Modern calligraphy are in cooperated to create fusion and both are used to give a different impact.

My work in cooperate ink and acrylic with tacky gold leaf and shimmery silver glitter on canvas with vibrant nontraditional and bold color schemes using new 3/D effect with embossed letters. This visual super restricted by strongest elements are embossed as infinite number of alphabetic shapes which are supposed to be flowing in harmony on canvas. I have been lucky to have started early on and continued to practice for more than two decades, exhibiting my unique work at the Dubai U.A.E and Pakistan’s galleries.


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