06 Art Work by Ajab Khan Oil on Canvas

Ajab Khan
Oil on Canvas 05
With Frame 24×24 in
Code 05

The Holy Quran and its lectern adopt the shape of ANGLES whenever opened. And these ANGLES are the inspiration for my calligraphy. All the secrete letters have been moulded on the pattern of geometrical shapes of one kind or other. These appear shapes a sense of brightness, enlightment and discernment when the edges of those sacred letters intersect each other. They create not only the shapes of triangles square, rectangle and circles but also point out the sanctity of the words after being constituted. If evaluated thoroughly one cam find the balance of calligraphy and mingling of colors visible and at the same time they console the aesthetic sense of the artist. In my style of calligraphy the formation of circle has vast comprehensive meaning. It overcast the same state produce after a continues recitation of the particular versus of the Holy Quran. It reflects the spirit on the canvas after mingling it in a spiral of divine secrets and symbols. My calligraphy is a journey of stars and planets of crystals and circles, going on viable from obscurity towards refulgence.

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