02 Art Work by Abdul Rasheed Mix Media on Paper

Abdul Rasheed
Mix Media on Paper
With Frame 22×22 in
Code 02

Oozing with passion, calligraphic paintings of Abdul Rasheed, invariably cast a riveting spell on the viewer for both their Ouranic verses and exotic compositions. Executed like an impulsive expression, articulated beautifully with spontaneous strokes of the brush, indubitably, these artworks command a mystical magnetism. It is a known fact that deployment of calligraphy for creating artworks is a daunting task that requires additional skills over and above a normal painters” acumen. Akin to the complex anatomy of objects of art such us life, flora and fauna, inanimate objects etc, the shape of the written word poses a plethora of technical and esthetic challenges to an artist. Cognizant of the enormous obligation to maintain absolute correctness of the holy word, Rasheed immerses himself into the undulating depths of authentic innovation to reproduce impeccable verses with his bare hands. He considers it a divine connection with nature which helps him interpret the word of Allah in so many forms and shapes that leaves the incredulous audience in awe, wondering how the Artist produced such flawless scripts! In the wake of recognition during numerous National and international shows. Amidst the ubiquitous proliferation of calligraphy painters, the emancipated technique of Rasheed stands out for its contemporary minimalist approach. Given their harmonized movement of strokes and color, his paintings exude serenity and soulful aura that reinforce the viewer’s spiritual energy.

. Rasheed has had 10 exhibitions in different states of the USA; one in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, sponsored by ministry of foreign affairs. Pakistan: 15 exhibitions in Karachi; one in Islamabad, and one exhibition in Canada sponsored by the Pakistan consulate of Toronto.

In addition to his talent for calligraphy, Rasheed is also a keen Philanthropist who, apart from numerous donations and benevolent activities, manifested his compassion for the suffering during the aftermath of destructive earthquake of 2006 in Indonesia through monetary donations. On yet another occasion, he was instrumental in generating funds for the depilex smile again foundation for unfortunate patients of facial affliction and pyro mutilation or burn injuries. He also did fundraising for Indus hospital Karachi.

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