Serene Vibrance


Ayesha Farooq


In my world “OBEX” is a kind of feeling which appears in the mind and vanishes before becoming a thought and leaves its taste in mind and never appears or happens as a thought or idea or as a thing.

OBEX can never be considered as an idea because an idea is like a thing, constructed with thoughts in mind. OBEX is black matter, which appears and the mind cannot capture its contents but after its happening a kind of feeling captures the mind and it creates an unknown state. And when it vanishes before forming a thoughtful map and leaves a kind of feeling, no one can say it’s nothing because it is a happening which happens with everyone. It changes one’s mood, makes everyone thoughtful and releases ideas. It is a fact that OBEX is a part of our life. Due to OBEX there occurs a sudden sensation of joyous pleasure and abruptly it turns into depression. These varying states of our existence steer our lives. There are people who do not change their mind or choice and stick to their attitude and cannot find reasons to explain their SELF. So how can one deny the OBEX state?

OBEX is a world of unknown feelings found in all living beings. OBEX is my word and you will know its meaning through my canvas. The feelings of OBEX can only be explained in the language of liquid colours which create unknown textures containing natural-scapes. OBEX affects the mood of the viewer communicating the taste of unknown, mind to mind, soul to soul and self to self.

My paintings are the unknown mindscapes of the feelings of OBEX, showing a gesture of unexplainable natural phenomena. In my art, nature becomes art and art becomes nature uniquely, original in its contents. A kind of transmission of a feeling as it is. A glimpse of an unusual vision, a message of the beyond for a visual taste.

My work is displayed under the signatures as MAYA.